How does Jungle Pathing work?


The Jungle Pathing tool helps Summoners understand which lanes are likely to lead to successful ganks. We give our projections for your team and the enemy team. 

  • Red lanes = Stop! It’s not a good idea.
    These lanes are tough to gank and will have a low success rate unless perfect conditions present themselves. You should probably avoid these and spend your time elsewhere.


  • Yellow lanes = It’s possible, but be cautious…
    These lanes have a decent chance to be ganked, but you’ll have to be careful to execute it properly or it may backfire.


  • Green lanes = Go ahead and look to gank!
    What are you waiting for? These lanes will often present great opportunities with a high success rate.

    To learn more about our tool and how it works, visit our blog article.


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  • I really enjoy this tool as I feel like many junglers don't think of how successful each gank would be by considering all the lanes! Thanks for the explanation as well!

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