What is "Stat Contribution"?


This is your stat contribution from your role and class, think damage as a marksman or damage absorbed as a vanguard, and both as a farmer.

The score is quite complex, in summary, it considers the role you play (Top, Support, Mid..), the sort of champions you play (Assassins, Enchanters, Vanguard...) and how often you play those champions.

Depending on those factors, you will be evaluated on how well you do your job.

Here's how the stats tend to be distributed:

  • "Burst", "Assassin", "Burst Mage", "Slayer", "Marksman", "Battle Mage", "Artillery":
    • Kills, DPM
  • "Fighter", "Diver", “Vanguard”:
    • DPM, Dmg Absorbed, CC
  • "Warden":
    • Dmg Absorbed, CC
  • "Enchanter":
    • Healing, CC
  • "Catcher":
    • Kills, CC
  • "Juggernaught":
    • DPM, Dmg Absorbed
  • DEFAULT (if a champion doesn’t fit into these categories):
    • DPM, Dmg Absorbed



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