What is "Power Plays"?


The Power Plays score under Objectives measures how well you use Baron and Dragon to swing the game in your favor.

The score takes into account total gold swing, kills secured, and objectives taken during the time using the buff.

We realize that there are a lot of factors not under your control, but over many games, good players will consistently create more opportunities for themselves when they have the buff.

Power Plays is a green score. This means that the higher the score, the better your performance (try to keep as high as possible!).


  • Total Number of Power Plays = The total amount of Power Plays you've had over your selected amount of games (20, 50, 100) 
  • Baron Power Play Gold = The average amount of gold created by Baron Power Plays.
  • Towers per Power Play = The average amount of towers taken during a Power Play.
  • Kills per Power Play = The average amount of kills taken during a Power Play.



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