How can I set up my eye tracker?


 To set up your Tobii Eye Tracker please perform the following steps. 

1. Please mount the eye tracker to the screen you will be using it on and make sure that it is connected to your PC through USB. If you need assistance mounting your eye tracker please check out this article by Tobii on how to mount your eye tracker. 

2. Download the Tobii Eye Tracking core software from here. If you are unsure which software you need to please refer to this article by Tobii to determine which software you need

3. Calibrate your eye tracker using Tobii Eye Tracking core software.

4. The hardware should now be successfully set up, please launch your Mobalytics Desktop App. If you need to download the app please do so here on the Mobalytics download page. If you were unable to successfully set up eye tracker please refer to this get started article by Tobii.

5. Once Mobalytics Desktop App is installed please select eye tracker from the menu.


6.From this menu please toggle the Tobii setting to on.


7. After a few moments you should get a confirmation screen stating that everything was set up correctly. You may either select go to live companion or simply close the pop up to continue to the app.





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