What are Tokens?


Tokens are a currency that allows you to temporarily unlock Mobalytics Plus features in different games. Every month, your Tokens will refill back up to 45.

Tokens currently can unlock features in LoL such as: 

  • Matchup Specific Advice that will help you better understand what you can do against your opponent!
  • In-depth Player Comparisons that you can use to compare yourself to friends or others and see how you stack up against them.
  • Expert Champion Combos: You can learn how to better master your One Trick champion or better understand how your skills interact with each other on a champion you’re learning!


Tokens also unlock features in TFT such as:

  • Enhanced in-game overlay: This will help you better understand what items will be the best on your champions and will display item combinations when hovered
  • Team Composition Recommendations along with in-depth videos to explain then made by our Challenger Expert.



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