Overlay Not Appearing


Please note that this is for Windows.

If you have a Mac we sadly do not currently support this. 


If the overlay is not working for you please try these steps:


Run both League and Mobalytics in Admin.

Disable hardware control programs such as MSI Afterburner, RivaTurner, or GeForce Experience / AMD Radeon. 

Disable desktop software programs such as Display Fusion or Wallpaper Engine. 

Ensure that your video drivers are updated to the latest version.

Set native resolution to 1920x1080 and make sure display scale is set to 100%. (We are currently working towards supporting 2k and 4k resolutions)

Make sure any other full-screen applications are not present, such as Discord overlay, Youtube/ streaming services, or other games set to “fullscreen”. Refresh the app while in-game and see if overlay shows.

Make sure the game directory is set correctly to ...\Riot Games\League of Legends.




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